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Finally, in the last part of the work presents a complex applying queuing theory modeled by means of software spreadsheet microsoft excel and palisade simulation software. The term client is used in queue system software the broadest sense and does not mean necessarily the human client. For example, a customer may be an airplane waiting on the runway for take off or a software on a computer which is waiting to be executed. In a queuing system that servers have limited capacity servicing the who enter the system randomly and everyone needs their own time to satisfy his need. So the problem of queuing theory it is that we can ensure a reasonable waiting time for customers with low service costs.

One such basic system represented schematically in the following scheme. In the queue management scheme, a customer sequence reaches an infrastructure service, where if all the servers are busy waiting in a queue until it is their turn to serve. At the end of this process the customer leaves the system the queuing theory was developed to provide predictive models the behavior of which attempt to provide systems service for randomly increasing demands. It makes sense, then, the fact that one of the first problems studied was that of congestion of the telephone network. Leading researcher was the danish mathematician a. Slang which the published the theory of probabilities and telephone queue system software conversations. In later works stated that the telephone network is generally characterized to poisson input, exponential waiting times service and multiple channels servers or entry poisson, stable waiting times and a service channel. The applications of the theory in telephony continued course after the slang. In e.c. Molina published the application of the theory of probability to telephone trunking problems and a year later thornton fry published his probability and its engineering users which expanded on the previous work of slang. In early, felix pollack he did pioneering work in the entrance poisson, arbitrary output, and single/ problems. During the same period corresponding bondage done in russia by and, in france by and in sweden by palm. By the queuing theory showed slow growth, but then experienced a surge.

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Many are queuing theory embodiment being recorded in the literature of probability theory, operations research, the science management and industry. Some examples relate to flow traffic vehicles, planes, people, communications, design patients in hospitals, work in machinery, computer programs, and infrastructure planning banks, post offices, amusement parks, restaurants quick service. In the s the postwar technological revolution combined with the new attitude of the world toward applied science significantly influenced the development of queuing theory. Developing robust calculating see more machines helped to overcome the difficulties of numerical estimates in analytic models for the study of the queues. In the s the queuing theory was strengthened significantly by disciplines of computer engineering and communication networks through computers.

In the next decade the theory of queues managed to keep up with the great development of computer systems, networks of computers and satellite communications. The literature theory however, tails to the end of the s have very little practical value, although the queuing theory started as a very practical scientific field. Nowadays, given the large literature focusing on accurate solutions to queuing problems with the use of smart mathematics sinuses. With the help queue system software of large computing power which, because of development of personal computers are available to everyone by now, the queuing theory developed rapidly in many areas of daily life.